Ensuring that buildings meet targets aligned with the Paris Accord and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


The Building Performance Assurance Council is a trusted international building performance hub dedicated to reversing climate change and improving the outcomes for thousands of buildings per year.

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Our strength is our commitment to measured and verified outcomes achieving local, national and international goals.

Fostering a global community of industry professionals with the capacity to assure buildings meet performance targets.
Providing, on a brand-neutral basis, the tools, skills and data enabling the market to deliver.
Relying on measured and verified building performance data to verify the alignment with targets.

Supporting Industry Practices

Where standards and practices demonstrate capacity to deliver Paris-aligned outcomes, we welcome and recommend them. Where they do not, we offer support enabling them to become Paris compliant.

Transforming The Future

Market transformation is only possible by effectively demonstrating the volume of successful projects, industry capacity and the proven benefits offered by such buildings.

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