The Building Performance Assurance Council (BPAC) is an international, membership-based not-for-profit representing thousands of building industry leaders.

BPAC supports market transformation by growing industry capacity to deliver resilient, low carbon buildings that achieve global climate and sustainable development goals. Leaders in design, construction and component development affordably scale high performance projects, communicate their many benefits, and support effective regulations.

Join us in this transformative and collective vision for global assurance of healthy, safe and comfortable buildings that sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change impacts.


BPAC focuses on data-driven, outcomes-based and scientific approaches to assuring in-use building performance, rather than being brand- or standard-specific.We work with, and recommend, standards with demonstrated capacity to achieve the goals both governments and industry have set. For standards that don’t yet do so, we can offer technical support in making necessary changes.

BPAC provides support and services to its national affiliates, our voting members. Our affiliates, in turn, are membership-based not-for-profits whose thousands of members and supporters are the industry leaders delivering millions of sq. metres of Paris aligned buildings today.


Spread across the globe, our diverse community shares a passion driven by two realities. We understand the exciting advances in building and data science that enables simple, effective, high performance low carbon buildings; and, we know that increasing their numbers is critical to our future. With experience in design & construction, plus advances in technology, such buildings have become affordable thanks to the work of the committed industry leaders who have embraced them. Now, it’s crucial that we make this type of building the norm.

That’s the rationale that led to a synergistic partnership between Passive House Network (USA) and Passive House Canada. In the fall of 2022, our two organizations came together with the shared vision of enabling the exponential growth in such buildings – for the sake of our communities, and for the sake of our planet’s wellbeing.

Collectively, we recognized that to achieve this goal, more supports were needed, including resources and a verification service that would help builders, developers and homeowners achieve rigorous high performance targets. Those resources didn’t yet exist, so in response, we formed the Building Performance Assurance Council (BPAC), formally launched in 2023.

With BPAC, our affiliates will help create and grow a new high performance/low carbon building paradigm— for people, for the planet, and for prosperity. Nested in building and data science, we offer new pathways for all homes and buildings, both new and existing, to ensure they are low carbon, efficient, comfortable, healthy, resilient and sustainable. Importantly, our science-based, brand neutral approach to high performance verification creates opportunities for different building standards to adjust their criteria to Paris-aligned outcomes.

We hope you’ll join us in creating a future in which resilient, low energy, low carbon buildings are standard – and everywhere.

BPAC Program Partners

In addition to its affiliates, BPAC partners with agencies and organizations in advancing common missions.

If your organization is interested in partnering with BPAC, please contact us.


Our Mission:

The Building Performance Assurance Council ensures buildings meet targets aligned with the Paris Accords and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by enabling the marketplace to use proven building science and data verification for rapid transformation.

Our Vision:

By 2025, the Building Performance Assurance Council is a trusted international building performance hub reversing climate change and improving outcomes for thousands of buildings per year.

We Value:

  • An unwavering focus on consistent and predictable outcomes
  • Data-driven, measured and verified methodologies
  • Clearly defined terms
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Transformation over incrementalism
  • Innovation
  • Diverse communities
  • Openness, transparency and candour