What is Building Performance Assurance

Those constructing or retrofitting buildings should know the in-use performance their projects can achieve. Project teams are able to offer that assurance either through performance guarantees or an independent 3rd party review.

BPAC works to give project teams the tools they need to confidently and reliably deliver identified performance outcomes for both new construction and retrofits. Industry capacity building, years of measured performance data on completed projects and proper building operation and maintenance enable that confidence. The long term objective is to make performance guarantees the norm, building upon and expanding the existing use of performance guarantees within the sector. We see a future in which owners, regulators and funders can be confident of post-occupancy building performance.

As performance guarantees are not yet common, BPAC supports independent 3rd party reviews of project design and construction to provide owners, funders and regulators the assurances they require. More information on the quality assurance processes associated with those independent reviews is provided here.